The Municipal System Enterprise is mandated to ensure that the constituents are provided with proper facilities & delivery of waterworks services; Formulate and recommend policies to LGU officials relative to waterworks operations; Conduct continuing studies for waterworks improvement & monitor & evaluate water service delivery. Provide adequate water supply to the municipality & its constituents & to hasten economic prosperity in the local government unit. Implement the improvement/rehabilitation of the Municipality Waterworks System approved under the 20% Municipal Development Fund.


A “Premier Agro-Industrial Center in Nothern Mindanao with a seal of Good governance, in a sustainable environment of law-abiding socially and morally responsive constituents enjoying meaningful life.


Aggressively uplift the quality of life of its constituents thru the provision of adequate socio-economic services and facilities, promotion of agro-industrial development, and maintenance of ecologist balance.


Efficient Local Government management system through a holistic human resource development, finance mobilization & administration, development planning, effective social & health service, generous economic services to farmers/fishers folk & livelihoods to the unemployed. People having strong spiritual and moral values living peacefully in their community in harmony with local industries that provides employment opportunities to the townfolks.