The Municipal Social Welfare and Development Office is the principal leader in the Social Protection and Development of the least, the less privileged, the marginalized and the vulnerable sectors to become self-reliant breaking the chain of servitude toward sustainable total development.

The constituents of Villanueva are empowered, improve their social and economic well being and contribute to national development through the aid of Almighty God.

Uplift the quality of life of its constituents through the provision of adequate socio-economic services and facilities.


Alleviate problems and improve living conditions of the needy, the disadvantaged and the impoverished

Provide relief and appropriate crisis interventions to victims of abuse and exploitation, during the disaster period, and provide immediate relief to victims;

Enhance the role of the youth and women in national building

Provide total development and protection of children; and

Full support in the implementation of RA 9994 for the total well-being of the elderly and their full participation in society.

Functional Statement
Shall be responsible in uplifting the living conditions and improvement of the quality of life of the poorest sector of the population through its various programs and services designed to enable them to become self-reliant and contributes to national development.