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Medical, Financial, Transportation and Burial Assistance extended to the needy and distressed individuals.

Assistance to Women in Difficult Circumstance (WEDC) or those who are victims of Violence against Women and their Children (VAWC).

Immediate Intervention/Assistance extended to Children experiencing different forms of Child Abuse (Physical, Sexual, Emotional and Psychological abuse).

Assistance extended to Children in Conflict with the Law (those children who are alleged as, accused of or adjudged as, having committed an offense under Philippine laws) and
Children at Risk (who have light offenses and misdemeanors against public order or safety) to provide child-appropriate proceedings including programs and services for prevention, diversion, rehabilitation, re-integration and aftercare to ensure their normal growth and development.

Emergency shelter assistance to individuals/families and to those who are Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) whose shelters or houses are totally damaged resulted from natural and man- made calamity/disaster.

Marriage Enrichment sessions will also be given to the couple experiencing marital conflicts.

Provision of PWD ID to all the constituents of Villanueva who qualifies the Person with Disability category. Issuance of PWD ID to the member will be of great help to them
because they will be an automatic member of PhilHealth and can also avail discounts on medicines, commodities, fare, etc.

Pre-marriage counseling is a type of therapy that helps couples prepare for marriage. Pre-marriage counseling can help ensure that the couple will have a strong, healthy relationship – giving them a better chance for a stable and satisfying marriage.

Provision of Senior Citizen ID to all the constituents of Villanueva aging 60 years old and above for them to enjoy all the benefits and privileges under the Senior Citizens Act.

Provision of Solo Parent ID to all the constituents of Villanueva who qualifies and belongs to Solo Parent. Issuance of Solo Parent ID will be of great help to them and can enjoy the benefits stated in the Solo Parent Act.