Civil Registration in the LGU pursuant to the Civil Registry Law, the Civil Code, RA 9255, RA 10172 and other pertinent laws rules, and regulations.

                    Civil Registration- Prepare and receive birth, death, and marriage certificates for registration. Prepares marriage license application and insurance of Marriage License after 10 days of posting with due and complete application. Prepares registration of founding. Process documents for Out of Town registration. Process negative records for registration and endorsement. Receive and process Court Orders such as legitimation, R.A 9255. Supplemental and transfer ( MC 91-6) wrongly registered documents.

                     Records Management– Scanning of Civil Registry records. Filling the records of Births, Deaths, & Marriages. Posting and encoding of civil registry documents registered. Assures full responsibility in the safe keeping of Civil Registry Documents.

                      Coordination and reporting with PSA– Submission of reports every month to PSA Provincial Office. Civil registration  laws, guidelines, memos, SECPA requisition. February as the Civil Registration Month Celebration, Mass Wedding, Mobile Registration & SECPA issuance. Continues the National I.D Registration manual or online.

                      Issuance of True Copies and Certification (Negative and Destroyed)


A 100 percent registration of vital events occurring in Villanueva, Misamis Oriental, with each individual having a name and an established identity thru a record or birth, along with the other civil registry documents affecting the civil status of the person that they can use in their personal, social, economic and legal purposes.


Registration of all vital events such as births, deaths, and marriages with the greatest accuracy and completeness as well as other registrable documents affecting the civil of individuals, for statistical and demographic use and aid in the program planning of the government.