Name of ProjectLocationSource of FundProject CostStatus
Const. of New Municipal Hall BuildingNational Highway LoocGeneral Fund55,000,000.0039.90%
Upgrading Imelda Crossing Mambuaya RoadImelda, Villanueva, Mis. Or.World Bank/DA/LGU6,284,541.88Completed
Expansion of Imelda Potable Water System Level 2Imelda, Villanueva, Mis. Or.World Bank/DA/LGU7,950,544.23Completed
Upgrading Kimaya Macusi RoadKimaya, Villanueva, Mis. Or.World Bank/DA/LGU6,447,397.42Completed
Construction of Palay ShedKimaya, Villanueva, Mis. Or.DA/LGU150,000.00Completed
Construction of Seed BankKimaya, Villanueva, Mis. Or.DA/LGU250,000.00Completed
Construction of Multi Purpose Covered CourtKNHS, Imelda, Villanueva, Mis. Or.SEF4,763,189.8871.46%
Municipal Hall Building ExtensionPoblacion 1, Villanueva, Mis. Or.General Fund850,000.0079.10%
Construction of Curbs & Gutter Phase 2San Martin, Villanueva, Misamis OrientalSteag400,000.00Completed
Construction of Covered WalkVNCMCS, Villanueva, Mis. Or.SEF440,354.00Completed
Improvement of VNCMCS Concrete Fence – Front (Phase 1)VNCMCS, Villanueva, Mis. Or.SEF54,532.00Completed
Improvement of VNCMCS Concrete Fence – Front (Phase 2)VNCMCS, Villanueva, Mis. Or.SEF52,856.00Completed
Improvement of VNCMCS Concrete Fence – Front (Phase 3)VNCMCS, Villanueva, Mis. Or.SEF54,621.00Completed
Improvement of PESO OfficePoblacion 1, Villanueva, Mis. Or.General Fund38,816.00Completed
Improvement of LCR OfficePoblacion 1, Villanueva, Mis. Or.General Fund44,144.00Completed
Construction of LDRRMC Mun. Office (Phase 1)Poblacion 1, Villanueva, Mis. Or.General Fund50,000.00Completed
Construction of LDRRMC Mun. Office (Phase 2)Poblacion 1, Villanueva, Mis. Or.General Fund50,000.00On-going
Construction of Concrete Pathway (Purok 7 Poblacion 1)Poblacion 1, Villanueva, Mis. Or.General Fund27,490.00Completed
Landscaping of Municipal GymnasiumPoblacion 1, Villanueva, Mis. Or.General Fund45,860.00Completed
Landscaping of Fountain (Public Plaza)Poblacion 1, Villanueva, Mis. Or.General Fund43,230.00Completed
Improvement of TB Control DOTSHealth Center, Villanueva, Mis. Or.DOH200,000.00Completed
Concrete Open Canal (P Acuña Street – 200mtrs)Katipunan, Villanueva, Mis. Or. Katipunan RPT182,836.00Completed
Concrete Open Canal (LS Tapongot Street – 210mtrs)Katipunan, Villanueva, Mis. Or. Katipunan RPT195,608.00Completed
Concrete Open Canal (BL Floresca Street – 180mtrs)Katipunan, Villanueva, Mis. Or.Katipunan RPT146,716.00Completed
Concrete Open Canal (BN Fabela Street – 35mtrs)Katipunan, Villanueva, Mis. Or.Katipunan RPT32,835.00Completed
Concrete Open Canal (Javier Street – 190mtrs)Katipunan, Villanueva, Mis. Or.Katipunan RPT150,309.00Completed
Excavation/Cleaning of Existing Drainage Canal (Brgy. Wide)Katipunan, Villanueva, Mis. Or.Katipunan RPT22,800.00Completed
Construction of 1 Storey (1 Classroom) Looc Elem. SchoolLooc, Villanueva, Mis. Or.DPWH1,092,329.12Completed
Construction of 1 Storey (1 Classroom) San Martin Elem. SchoolSan Martin, Villanueva, Misamis OrientalDPWH1,105,129.12Completed
Construction of 1 Storey (2 Classroom) Tam-Bal National High SchoolTambal Relocation, Villanueva, Mis. Or.DPWH1,983,217.57Completed
Construction of Water Sanitation System (VNHS)Looc, Villanueva, Mis. Or.DPWH348,000.00Completed
Rehab/Improvement of L. Tapongot St.Katipunan, Villanueva, Mis. Or.Katipunan RPT3,240,000.0063.30%