Name of ProjectLocationSource of FundProject CostStatus
Electrical Rewiring Nangka Elem. SchoolNangka Elementary SchoolSEF55,000.00Completed
Improvement of School Stage w/ Storage RoomKirahon Elementary SchoolSEF350,000.00Completed
VNHS Concrete CanalVillanueva National High SchoolSEF170,000.00Completed
Repair of Andam Mouswag BldgImelda, Villanueva, Misamis OrientalSEF80,068.00Completed
Repair of Classroom (SEF Bldg)Dayawan Elementary SchoolSEF60,000.00Completed
Repair of Classroom (DPWH Bldg)Dayawan Elementary SchoolSEF170,000.00Completed
Proposed Concrete Bleachers (30l.m.)VNCMCSSEF140,000.00Completed
Concreting of Perimeter Fence (30l.m.)Don Fernando Jacinto Elem. SchoolSEF100,000.00Completed
Const./Repair of SRV Training Center (ALS CLC)SRV Training CenterSEF178,534.13Completed
Const. of One Storey Two Classroom School BldgKimaya Elementary SchoolSEF1,500,000.00Completed
Extension of Principal’s Office Building VNHSVillanueva National High SchoolSEF198,000.00Completed
Rehab of District Office BuildingVNCMCSSEF380,000.00Completed
Repair of Classroom (PSC Bldg)San Martin Elementary SchoolSEF230,000.00Completed
Construction of Entrance Gate FenceBalacanas Elementary SchoolSEF130,000.00Completed
Repair of Principal’s OfficeNangka Elementary SchoolSEF195,000.00Completed
Repair of Covered WalkwayLooc Elementary SchoolSEF185,000.00Completed
Rehab of Classroom (Makeshift Bldg 1 unit-4CL & 2 units-1CL)VNCMCSSEF130,000.00Completed
Const. of Principal’s OfficeDon Fernando Jacinto Elem. SchoolSEF251,500.00Completed
Repair of Classroom (Gen. PTA Bldg)Looc Elementary SchoolSEF330,000.00Completed
Rehab of Classroom & Principal’s OfficeKalingagan National High SchoolSEF76,000.00Completed
Const. of Makeshift Bldg 4CL (Bldg 1)VNCMCSSEF272,520.89Completed
Const. of Makeshift Bldg 4CL (Bldg 2)VNCMCSSEF271,729.19Completed
Const. of Makeshift Bldg 4CL (Bldg 3)VNCMCSSEF267,067.71Completed
Const. of Perimeter Fence (30l.m)Tambal Senior High SchoolSEF100,000.00Completed
Improvement of School PathwayKimaya Elementary SchoolSEF20,000.00Completed
Fabrication of Computer TablesKalingagan National High SchoolSEF65,000.00Completed
School Operation & Maintenance Kimaya Elem. SchoolKimaya Elementary SchoolSEF9,000.00Completed
Ground Improvement VNCMCSVNCMCSSEF150,000.00Completed
Additional Roofing For Makeshift Bldg.VNCMCSSEF36,288.00Completed
Finishing Works for Perimeter Fence Tambal Senior HighTambal Senior High SchoolSEF13,608.00Completed
Tree Pruning Kalingagan Elem. SchoolKalingagan Elementary SchoolSEF35,000.00Completed
Painting of Roof Markers (15 Schools)All SchoolsSEF135,000.00Completed
Const. of Perimeter Fence (27l.m)Looc Elementary SchoolSEF90,000.00Completed
Fabrication of Grills & Painting of Andam Mouswag Bldg for ALSImelda, Villanueva, Misamis OrientalSEF73,811.93Completed
Handwashing & Dental Trough RoofingSan Martin Elementary SchoolSEF115,500.00Completed
Const. of Perimeter Fence (30l.m)Tambal Junior High SchoolSEF100,000.00Completed
Pruning of Trees VNCMCSVNCMCSSEF36,000.00Completed
Improvement of Principal’s OfficeDon Fernando Jacinto Elem. SchoolSEF200,000.00Completed
Repair of Classroom (LGU/SEF Provincial Bldg)Don Fernando Jacinto Elem. SchoolSEF175,000.00Completed
Const. of Classroom Toilet w/ Pantry Kirahon Elementary SchoolSEF150,000.00Completed
Ground Improvement Kalingagan Elem. School (Phase 1)Kalingagan Elementary SchoolSEF100,000.00Completed
Ground Improvement Kalingagan Elem. School (Phase 2)Kalingagan Elementary SchoolSEF50,000.00Completed
Ground Improvement Looc Elem. SchoolLooc Elementary SchoolSEF53,200.00Completed
Ground Improvement San Martin Elem. School (Phase 1)San Martin Elementary SchoolSEF63,000.00Completed
Ground Improvement San Martin Elem. School (Phase 2)San Martin Elementary SchoolSEF75,147.20Completed
Ground Improvement San Martin Elem. School (Phase 3)San Martin Elementary SchoolSEF134,400.00Completed
Ground Improvement Kimaya Elem. SchoolKimaya Elementary SchoolSEF100,000.00Completed
Inter-School Festival of Lights VNCMCSVNCMCSSEF115,355.00Completed
Inter-School Festival of Lights VNHSVillanueva National High SchoolSEF45,540.00Completed
Inter-School Festival of Lights San Martin Elem. SchoolSan Martin Elementary SchoolSEF54,618.75Completed
Inter-School Festival of Lights Looc Elem. SchoolLooc Elementary SchoolSEF80,950.00Completed
Inter-School Festival of Lights Dayawan Elem. SchoolDayawan Elementary SchoolSEF41,400.00completed
Inter-School Festival of Lights KNHSKalingagan National High SchoolSEF53,935.00Completed
Fabrication of Transparency Board Balacanas Elem. SchoolBalacanas Elementary SchoolSEF78,755.00Completed
Repair of Feeding Room VNCMCSVNCMCSSEF200,000.00Completed
Repair of Principal’s Office VNCMCSVNCMCSSEF200,000.00Completed
Const. of One Storey Two Classroom School BldgLukong Elementary SchoolSEF1,500,000.00Completed
Construction of Concrete Bleachers Kalingagan National High SchoolSEF481,509.86Completed
Construction of Feeding Center BuildingKimaya & Don Fernando Elementary SchoolSEF890,840.6090%
Construction of Perimeter Fence w/ Gate Lukong & San Martin Elementary SchoolSEF3,687,933.6890%
Construction of Covered CourtSan Martin Elementary SchoolSEF4,592,937.62Completed
Rehab of classroom (Gen. PTA Bldg)Looc Elementary SchoolSEF330,000.00Completed
Ground Improvement (Phase 1)Kalingagan Elementary SchoolSEF100,000.00Completed
Ground Improvement (Phase 2)Kalingagan Elementary SchoolSEF50,000.00Completed
Construction of Classroom Toilet w/ PantryKirahon Elementary SchoolSEF150,000.00Completed
Construction of Handwashing FacilitiesVNCMCSSEF150,000.00Completed
Repainting of Classroom/RoofingDayawan Elementary SchoolSEF85,000.00Completed
Repair of Principal’s OfficeVNCMCSSEF250,000.00Completed
Repair of 8 Units Comfort RoomDon Fernando Jacinto Elem. SchoolSEF155,000.00Completed