Barangay Tambobong is an eco-tourism and industrial community, with pro-active and responsive governance, with peace loving, morally and law abiding resilient constituents living in a healthy environment.


To improve the living conditions of the constituents by providing adequate basic and socio-economic services, in order to have a safe and healthy environment.

Goals and Objectives

  1. To rehab Barangay Hall
  2. To improve drainage canal system to prevent flash flooding
  3. To install additional streetlights for riding public safety and be free from bad elements
  4. To provide basic medicines for indigent people
  5. To provide food supplement to under nourished children
  6. To maintain peace and order in the barangay
  7. To promote environmental friendly community
  8. To provide certified seeds to farmers
  9. To provide livelihood trainings to increase family income
  10.  To inculcate in the minds of barangay residents the spirit of volunteerism
  11.  To foster awareness of women’s rights against domestic violence and possible trafficking
  12. To promote consciousness in the protection of Natural Resources
  13.  To promote cooperation among senior citizens.
  14.  To provide information/dissemination on Solid Waste Management
  15. To provide capability building activities among the youth especially out of the school youth.

Barangay Profile – Tambobong

Legal Basis of CreationMarch 13, 1972
Date of Ratification/PlebisciteMarch 13, 1972
No. of Registered Voters664  
No. of Precincts6

Physical Information

Total Income1,133,457.00
Internal Revenue Allotment (IRA)1,058,457
Local Sources
RPT Shares
Fees and Charges 75,000.00
Population; Total No.1,470
Number of Families  454
Number of Household156
Female    735
Male  645