Barangay Profile – Imelda

Historical Background

Long before, the natives discovered a certain kind of tree from this plateau, which they called “Kalingag”. This tree is miraculous whose healing power is very effective to cure stomach ache.

“Kalingag” became very popular to the place both the native and the settlers, this was handled down to every other generation which later the name was corrupted to “Kalingagan”.

In 1974, the National Government implemented PD 538 were Phivedec Industrial Estate – Misamis Oriental (PIA-MO) was institutionalized, Philippine Sinter Corporation (PSC) a big iron ore processing plant was constructed which occupies almost whole area of Barangay Nabacaan. The displaced people of Nabacaan were relocated to sitio “Kalingagan” were task force called it “ANDAM MOUSWAG” relocation site. This area was 7 kilometers away from Poblacion proper, the mother barangay of Sitio Kalingagan.

In 1985, Sitio Kalingagan became a barangay and was given a new name “Barangay Imelda”.

Today, Kalingag Tree is no were to be found in the area but people believe that many years ago there was a Kalingag Tree whose magical healing power is comparable to the beauty of Barangay Imelda.


Total Population    –           4,053

Registered Voters    –           2,204

Geographical Location

Barangay Imelda is 7kilometers away from Barangay Poblacion, where the Municipal Hall is located. It is an upland barangay on the east part of the municipality. Bounded on the north by the Municipality of Jasaan, south by Barangays Dayawan and Kimaya, east by the Municipality of Claveria and on the west by Barangay Poblacion, Villanueva.

Land Area

Barangay Imelda has nine (9) Puroks or sitios which occupies approximately 2.34% of the Municipality with the total land area of 1,505 hectares.

Topography and Slope

Barangay Imelda proper expanding inwards the eastern portion are alluvial plains within 0-3 percent slopes. These cover Purok or Sitio Lourdes, Imelda Proper, Patag and Bangon-bangon. All other areas the terrain gently rises its highest peaj with 18-30 percent.


Barangay Imelda is one of the Barangays in the Municipality of Villanueva that belong to a type A climate. This characterized by a short dry season of one (1) to three (3) months, usually start in February and end in April. The remaining months are rainy.

Main Source of Income

  • Agriculture
  •  Employment
  • Commerce and Trade

Annual Internal Revenue Allotment (IRA)

Calendar Year 2018                        –           6,060,073.00

Calendar Year 2019                        –           3,413,042.00

Type of Dwelling Units

  • Barong Barong
  • Nipa/Bamboo
  • Wooden
  • Concrete/Semi Concrete