Full Disclosure Policy – 2017 First Quarter Reports

20 % IRA 2017 First QuarterView
LDRRMFU 2017 First QuarterView
Manpower 2017 First QuarterView
SEF Utilization 2017First QuarterView
Services Bid-Out 2017 First QuarterView
Statement of Cashflows 2017 First QuarterView
Supplemental Procurement Plan 2017First QuarterView
Trust Fund Utilization 2017First QuarterView
Unliquidated Cash Advances 2017 First QuarterView

Full Disclosure Policy – 2017 Second Quarter Reports

20 % IRA 2017Second QuarterView
LDRRMFU 2017Second QuarterView
Manpower 2017Second QuarterView
SEF Utilization 2017Second QuarterView
Services Bid-Out 2017Second QuarterView
Statement of Cashflows 2017Second QuarterView
Supplemental Procurement Plan 2017Second QuarterView
Trust Fund Utilization 2017Second QuarterView
Unliquidated Cash Advances 2017Second QuarterView

Full Disclosure Policy – 2017 Third Quarter Reports

20 % IRA 2017 Third QuarterView
LDRRMFU 2017Third QuarterView
Manpower 2017Third QuarterView
SEF Utilization 2017Third QuarterView
Services Bid-Out 2017Third QuarterView
Statement of Cashflows 2017Third QuarterView
Supplemental Procurement Plan 2017Third QuarterView
Trust Fund Utilization 2017Third QuarterView
Unliquidated Cash Advances 2017Third QuarterView

Full Disclosure Policy – 2017 Fourth Quarter Reports

20 % IRA 2017 Fourth QuarterView
LDRRMFU 2017Fourth QuarterView
Manpower 2017Fourth QuarterView
SEF Utilization 2017Fourth QuarterView
Services Bid-Out 2017Fourth QuarterView
Statement of Cashflows 2017Fourth QuarterView
Supplemental Procurement Plan 2017Fourth QuarterView
Trust Fund Utilization 2017Fourth QuarterView
Unliquidated Cash Advances 2017Fourth QuarterView