Full Disclosure Policy – 2016 First Quarter Reports

20 % IRA 2016 First QuarterView
LDRRMFU 2016 First QuarterView
Manpower 2016 First QuarterView
SEF Utilization 2016 First QuarterView
Services Bid-Out 2016 First QuarterView
Statement of Cashflows 2016 First QuarterView
Supplemental Procurement Plan 2016 First QuarterView
Trust Fund Utilization 2016 First QuarterView
Unliquidated Cash Advances 2016 First QuarterView

Full Disclosure Policy – 2016 Second Quarter Reports

20 % IRA 2016 Second QuarterView
LDRRMFU 2016Second QuarterView
Manpower 2016Second QuarterView
SEF Utilization 2016Second QuarterView
Services Bid-Out 2016Second QuarterView
Statement of Cashflows 2016Second QuarterView
Supplemental Procurement Plan 2016Second QuarterView
Trust Fund Utilization 2016Second QuarterView
Unliquidated Cash Advances 2016Second QuarterView

Full Disclosure Policy – 2016 Third Quarter Reports

20 % IRA 2016 Third QuarterView
LDRRMFU 2016Third QuarterView
Manpower 2016Third QuarterView
SEF Utilization 2016Third QuarterView
Services Bid-Out 2016Third QuarterView
Statement of Cashflows 2016Third QuarterView
Supplemental Procurement Plan 2016Third QuarterView
Trust Fund Utilization 2016Third QuarterView
Unliquidated Cash Advances 2016Third QuarterView

Full Disclosure Policy – 2016 Fourth Quarter Reports

20 % IRA 2016 Fourth QuarterView
LDRRMFU 2016Fourth QuarterView
Manpower 2016Fourth QuarterView
SEF Utilization 2016Fourth QuarterView
Services Bid-Out 2016Fourth QuarterView
Statement of Cashflows 2016Fourth QuarterView
Supplemental Procurement Plan 2016Fourth QuarterView
Trust Fund Utilization 2016Fourth QuarterView
Unliquidated Cash Advances 2016Fourth QuarterView